‘Trade suspended’: Bitcoin market fails while Bitcoin price (BTC) melts

Clients complain about an order book that crashed and no transactions involving Bitcoin could be completed on the exchange.

The Bitcoin Market faced problems with trading Bitcoin (BTC) on the platform recently. According to reports from exchange clients published on Twitter, the failure happened on Thursday morning (21), at the same time that the price of cryptomeda melted over $ 23 thousand.

Thus, Bitcoin Market users had difficulties in buying and selling fractions of cryptomoeda through the order book. A print published on Twitter shows the message “trade de Crypto Code scam temporarily suspended”, which was displayed to exchange clients during the system failure.

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In a note, the Bitcoin Market said that the error happened due to the high volume of trading on the platform. In addition, the company stated that it is working to resolve the failure that prevented users from taking advantage of the Bitcoin price correction moment.

“Due to the high volume of transactions, we are having instability in operations. Our team is working to normalize the accesses as soon as possible”.

Bitcoin market with failure

A Bitcoin Market failure temporarily suspended Bitcoin trading on the platform. On Twitter, exchange clients complained about the problem, which simply “locked” the exchange order book.

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With the suspension of Bitcoin trading, investors were unable to conclude transactions with cryptomeda through the Bitcoin Market. One of the clients said it was “a bad time” for the platform to fail.

“Book still locked up here, bad time to do it, it’s not the first time”.

Problem happened while BTC crashed

The problem presented by the Bitcoin Market happened during the end of the correction suffered by Bitcoin in the last 24 hours, which made cryptomoeda lose more than R$ 23 thousand.

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Before the exchange failure, BTC’s price was quoted at around R$ 190,000, but fell to around R$ 166,000 in the morning of this Thursday (21). Besides problems with the site, the exchange application also showed instability.

Trade suspended

The great demand for cryptomoedas can make an exchange face trading problems, as it happened recently with the Bitcoin Market. Some clients of the platform said that they were surprised with a “suspended trade” message released by the exchange.

The problem happened right after the platform registered almost 420 Bitcoin units traded in the last 24 hours. Considering the price of cryptomeda currently, the Bitcoin Market traded over R$ 69 million in BTCs.

According to exchange users, the trading book on the website crashed and no operation could be completed. Meanwhile, a message about “trade suspended” appeared in the application.